Garden of Remembrance
It is a sad fact that like many of the giant breeds, Irish wolfhounds are not known for their longevity, with seven being considered an average lifespan. As a rule of thumb, a multiple of ten can be used to approximate their age to human years - for example, a seven year old wolfhound has had his 'three score years and ten', whilst a ten year old would, if human, qualify for a telegram from the Queen.

These pages hold tributes, some simple, some detailed, to much loved wolfhounds from around the world, dating back to 1993.

In life, every wolfhound seems larger than life itself, and each of those featured here was a unique and treasured individual. They are not forgotten by the families who cherished them, and are missed and remembered with love and pride, with smiles and tears, many years after their passing.
If you would like to tell us a little about your wolfhound(s) past and send a photo or two, we'll be happy to give them
a permanent memorial in our
'Garden of Remembrance' pages.
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We will never forget our own seven,
very special wolfhounds past:
Torteval Irish Wolfhounds

Torteval Irish Wolfhounds